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Research and development

Our State of art R&D center helps in developing Design, Drawing, Process Technologies in the field of Agro and Food, which includes the following areas,

Research and developmentResearch and developmentResearch and development
  • Improvement in Design and Drawings.
  • Improvement in Engineering Manufacturing Practices.
  • Development of New Customer Friendly Process Technology in field of Oil and Allied Industries.
  • Development of Enzymatic Process Technology for Vegetable Oil Industries.
  • Development of Process Technology for Utilization of Byproducts of Vegetable Oil Industries.
  • Development and Improvement in Evaporation, Distillation, Separation and Purification Technologies.
  • Product and Process Technology Development for Essential Oils, Oleoresins, Spices, Herbs and their Derivative.
  • Product and Process Technology Development for Organic Foods.
  • Product and Process Technology Development for Natural Antioxidants like Tocopherols, Tocotrienols, Carotenes, Squalenes, Oryzanols etc.

Muez-Hest Research and Development Centre (MHRDC) is an independent, self-sustaining, not-for-profit multidisciplinary contract research institute conducting research and development in the areas of Food and Agro to industry, government agencies and other organizations. MHRDC is committed to develop, innovate, analyses the new technology for products and processes.

MHRDC also brings its innovations to the marketplace by licensing its technologies and helps in establishing production units for the interested clients.

MHRDC's strengths have been its staff, a knowledgeable, expert and experienced Governing Board and an innovative management.

MHRDC’s thrust areas are Agro, food and oil & fat and Quality Assurance.

Recent thrust areas in edible oil, fat, value addition to edible oil industries, Herbal Products, Waste Utilization, Technical Consultancy etc.

MHRDC's uncompromising commitment to excellence in research is underscored by its own Quality Assurance Division which ensures that the Institute itself adheres to the highest standards of scientific investigation and service.

Vision -

our visionis to contribute for improvement of Indian Economy by excellent research support with integrity, passion and advocacy for development of innovative food and allied products which will be helpful for reducing poverty and increased employment opportunity.


The mission of MHRDC is its commitment in developing, innovating, analysing the new technology for products and processes.

Our motive is to provide one stop solution for –

  • Research and Development
  • Proto Validation- concept to commercialization
  • Pilot Validation
  • Fully Equipped Pilot facility wih
  • Commercialization in Food Nutrition Ingredients

Our strenghts -

  • Expertise in Project Management Systems
  • Effective Solutions for Industrial Issues/ problems
  • Collaborative Research Projects with Industries, Research and Academic Institutions
  • Helping Prospective customers to reach their set goals.
  • Applying Technologies ahead of the times
  • Aim for exploration outside boundaries
  • Creativity inspirited by focusing on customers' actual work situations.

Focus Areas

  1. Innovation - Developing new products

    • Concept Development
    • Systematic working with thorough knowledge of functional properties of Food Ingredients, Natural Ingredients and Health Ingredients
    • Flexible approach to New Product development, clients based modifications; requirements
    • Shelf life and Accelerated shelf life studies
    • Providing technical assistance and additional support to clients ongoing R and D projects
    • Providing Cost effective, economical solutions for ‘Process Change’

  2. Develop our existing business

    • Understand stand our client needs
    • Research work
    • Finalize the design
    • Make a projection cost
    • Understand current process
    • Scope of changes and optimize cost and production

  3. Contraceptual Research

    • MHRDC has technical experts who are highy efficient in handling large and small scale projects
    • In house Pilot Plant Facility

  4. Scale up Studies

    • Scale up the Research and Development work undertaken at laboratory scale to pilot plant scale and subsequently to commercial scale.
    • Provide the necessary inputs to the entrepreneurs to set up a commercial plant after demonstrating the feasibility of the commercial production process.

  5. Analytical testing

    • Vast range of Food and Agro Analysis is benefited by all our clients
    • Fully equipped laboratory with State of the art Infrastructure, Scientific analytical Instruments and a highly qualified Technical Staff to carry out the standard procedures for Physico - Chemical and Miccrobiogical Analysis and Testing
    • Mainly involved in analysis of all food products, food ingredients and water. Testing is applied in field of Food, Agro and Oil.
    • Expertise in Project and Quality Management Systems
    • Majorly focus on Quality management, Productivity, catering towards Client needs and requirements.
    • Initiate changes for continuous improvement of existing systems and management.

Instrumental Facilities

  • Gas Chromatography
  • Kjehdalh's Apparatus
  • Soxhlet Apparatus
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Brookfield Viscometer
  • Homogeniser
  • Karl Fischer Titrator

Muezhest India
Our Product line
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